The street murals are helping to rejuvenate streets and revitalise buildings and vacant sites that look a bit tired, reincarnating them as beautiful pieces of public street art. The first art work was produced in 2008 and this portfolio of completed works has expanded since.

The murals are also having a major impact on our city centre by creating splashes of colour which brighten up lanes and streets. This helps make them more inviting for locals and tourists alike to visit and supports local businesses.

Now Glasgow has created a Mural Trail featuring the diverse range of art within easy walking distance of the city centre. The huge range of artwork on display has something to suit all tastes - conservative to radical, quirky to bizarre.

The street murals are unique pieces of art which Glaswegians, visitors and local businesses say are helping to enrich the city centre.

Artists are encouraged to get involved in this Glasgow City Council initiative through application to the city centre Mural Fund, details of which can be found via this link:

Glasgow is proud of its local artists and their inspirational, colourful, installations.

We hope you find the city centre Mural Map useful and enjoy discovering the hidden public art.

Maps can also be downloaded via:


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