Created as part of COP26, and in collaboration with local community organisations and Indigenous people in Glasgow, this mural activity was led by Fearless Collective; a South Asia-based public art and storytelling project, founded by Indian artist Shilo Shiv Suleman in 2012. The work embodies an emotive statement of “power sovereignty” and stands as a monument to the self-representation of diverse communities who have been misrepresented and marginalised around the world. Containing symbolism and imagery informed by lived experiences, the mural affirms a vision of futures that are sustained, sacred, and fair for all.

The text surrounding the mural is a poem created based on the stories participants shared during the storytelling workshop leading to the creation of the mural.

The final mural features Isidro Sangama Sangama, belonging to the Kichwa people from the Waiku community of San Martin, member of the Board of the Ethnic Council of the Kichwa Peoples of the Amazon (CEPKA), and Puyr Tembé, belonging to the Tembé people of the Brazilian Amazon. They stand along with a tapestry of trees, birds, and beasts, a clean river, a celestial sun, and moon- as a vision to a fearless future and remind us to: “Bow Down, Honour the Roots”



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