This is the second of the two commemorative Billy Connolly murals installed by Rogue One. It is a
reproduction of the Jack Vettriano painting from the comedian’s World Tour of Scotland series in
1994 titled “Dr Connolly I Presume” and features a windblown Billy on a storm-lashed coast near
John O’Groats. A reproduction of the third portrait commissioned by BBC Scotland as part of the project, a Rachel Maclean digital print of Billy in a specially created outfit, has been installed in the Gallowgate via a vinyl transfer.



Immediately adjacent is St Enoch Square, St Enoch Subway and the Style Mile’s St
Enoch Centre
which welcomes over 19 million shoppers each year. To the west is Central Station. Originally opened in 1879, it remains the busiest rail terminus in Scotland. Directly north is Buchanan Street, apedestrian precinct and the premier retail area within Glasgow’s Style Mile.